Sunday, August 14, 2016

Aquagym Benefits

Have you tried it? Aquagym is excellent exercise, accessible to all. Its benefits are many and varied. Doing gym in water works not only the body but also the spirit. Whether the workout constitutes a gentle “aquasenior” class, a more strenuous “aquafitness” lesson, or intensive “aquadynamic” or “aquarobics” sessions, its variety of movements at each intensity exercise the whole body. At the same time, aquagym is fun and healthy. It burns calories, which slims down the figure, and relaxes the mind while soothing the spirit―all without much sweat.aquagym2

Like most exercise, a workout in water offers health benefits. It strengthens muscles; allows the heart to work more efficiently; improves coordination, flexibility, and balance; boosts respiration; and intensifies blood circulation. In addition, this non-traumatic exercise has little risk of injury due to little impact with the ground. Doctors often recommend water activities for people with arthritis who should avoid high-impact pursuits like speed-walking and jogging. Natural resistance in the water prevents inflaming or jolting joints, or pulling or straining muscles, so that the body doesn’t feel sore even after a tough workout.

Aquagym also benefits the figure. The muscles work harder in the water than on land due to higher resistance. The body weighs one-tenth of its mass in the water, where buoyancy makes efforts like jumping easier, as if leaping in slow motion. The muscles strengthen. That translates into slimming the waist, toning the arms, shoulders, and legs, as well as strengthening the back and abdomen. Some suggest water sports help eliminate cellulite the best.

aquagym1A workout in water, like most regular physical activity, leads to the release of endorphins, chemicals that reduce the perception of pain and trigger a positive feeling in the body. And the water itself provides a feeling of lightness. It has a soothing, relaxing effect, possibly because it subconsciously conjures up life in the womb. This non-aggressive workout, which avoids impact and minimizes violent movement, is accessible to all: kids, pregnant women, young people, the middle-aged, and senior citizens. Everyone has fun in the forgiving water environment. People’s spirits lift as they train with little or no pain or sweat. Aquagym is truly a first-rate form of exercise. If you haven’t already, try it — you’ll like it!

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