“11 August 2015 marks 1 year since the last wild polio case was detected on the entire African continent. A polio-free Africa would leave only 2 countries where polio transmission has never been interrupted: Pakistan and Afghanistan.” That’s the great news from the World Health Organization in its update: Africa advances toward a polio-free continent. On […]

Kimberley Motley is a lawyer. She is the first foreign attorney to set up a practice in Afghanistan. She left the United States in 2008, intending just to work there for a year, but when she saw the atrocious conditions in an Afghan prison she decided to offer her legal services to foreigners imprisoned in the country and, later, to Afghans.  […]

The sub-title reads, “The eradication of polio suggests ways to tackle even deadlier diseases.” That good news appeared recently in The Economist” (18 January). The anti-polio campaign in India started in 1995, with massive efforts and money poured into millions of doses of vaccine and the services of millions of vaccinators who administered the oral drops. […]

The Womanity Foundation is “accelerating progress for women and their communities”. Currently, the independent philanthropic foundation and Radio NISAA FM, the first all-women commercial radio station in the Palestinian territories, are producing a radio program in Arabic called “Worth 100 Men” on the role of women in society. The story illustrates the trials and tribulations […]

Dr. Heli Bathija has started a simple yet remarkable program called Hope for the Babies to save newborn babies in Afghanistan. In a nutshell, women in several countries are knitting a specific design of baby sweater for newborns.  One is given to each baby born in a hospital. This serves two important purposes: 1) The mother comes to the […]

A bit of good news from Afghanistan! As this story shows, it’s possible to have a good time in Kabul, and it’s possible for one woman, against the odds, to own and run a business in this male dominated society. Meena Rahmani, 28, borrowed money from her parents and opened a 12-lane bowling alley in the […]

Recently the Boston Globe profiled the work of Qiamuddin Amiry, President and co-founder of non-profit organization, the Afghan Scholars Initiative, which enables students from Afghanistan to attend American high schools and universities. Raised in Kabul, having himself won a scholarship to a high school in Hong Kong, Amiry decided to find a way to bring higher […]