The Womanity Foundation is “accelerating progress for women and their communities”. Currently, the independent philanthropic foundation and Radio NISAA FM, the first all-women commercial radio station in the Palestinian territories, are producing a radio program in Arabic called “Worth 100 Men” on the role of women in society. The story illustrates the trials and tribulations Arab women encounter and their resourceful responses.

Another featured project is to help girls in Afghanistan gain access to first-rate education. Specifically, since 2007 the Womanity Foundation “has supported Afghanistan’s largest girls’ school – the Al Fatah School in Kabul – to become a model of excellence in girls’ education. Based on this experience, Womanity has developed a holistic approach that focuses on the quality of education offered to girls up to secondary school.” Learn more about this approach, named School in a Box: Advancing Girls’ Education in Afghanistan, by clicking here.  

Interestingly, the Womanity Foundation was launched by a man. Here is the founder’s message: “Our Foundation believes that by directly supporting women and girls, we are reducing inequalities and fostering progress for everyone. Our vision and approach are built on the experience we have gained over the past seven years. They are also reinforced by numerous studies that show investing in education for girls, as well as vocational training and employment for women, produces a positive ripple effect for entire communities and ultimately entire countries.  For example, when 10% or more of a country’s girls go to school, its GDP increases an average of 3% [Council on Foreign Relations].”

To find out about the many truly remarkable projects the Womanity Foundation is undertaking (including promoting women entrepreneurs, eradicating girl labour and promoting Women ChangeMakers), check out Womanity’s website or donate funds to one of its efforts. You’ll be making a difference for everyone, not only for women and girls.

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