Recently the Boston Globe profiled the work of Qiamuddin Amiry, President and co-founder of non-profit organization, the Afghan Scholars Initiative, which enables students from Afghanistan to attend American high schools and universities.

Raised in Kabul, having himself won a scholarship to a high school in Hong Kong, Amiry decided to find a way to bring higher education to other Afghans. He and fellow student at Colby College, John Campbell, therefore founded Afghan Scholars Initiative (ASI). The project’s website promotes Peace through Education. It states: “The key to the rebuilding of Afghanistan is in the education, training, and dedication of its next generation of leaders. In a country with too much poverty, too many guns and too few roads, hospitals and schools, Afghans must struggle against the threat of Islamic fundamentalism, a culture of corruption and a booming drug trade.

“By giving Afghanistan’s brightest and hardest-working students a chance to learn at the best schools in the world and work with the most influential non-profits and companies in the world, ASI promotes the human development and cultural understanding Afghanistan needs to move forward.”

You can help ASI get additional Afghans into schools by learning more about the initiative and sharing information on what it’s doing or by making an online donation.

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