Here’s another upbeat story from the World Economic Forum about a man who is making a difference. His simple technique in Burkina Faso boosts the planting of trees and contributes to the Great Green Wall. This movement is fighting desertification in the Sahel region and halting the expansion of the Sahara Desert by the planting of a wall of trees 10 miles (16 km) wide and 4,350 miles (7,000 km) long, through a dozen countries from Senegal in the west to Djibouti in the east. This video describes Yacouba Sawadogo’s innovative approach.

Featured image: Yacouba Sawadogo planting pits to restore degraded land. Photo credit: Chris Reij, World Resources Institute (License: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic)

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  1. How one person can make a difference is always amazing to read. When many such people get together they can change the world. We need more examples like this not just the doom and gloom to inspire people to do something and not wait for politicians to solve global problems.

    • Yes, indeed! Our world is full of people who are advancing knowledge, finding innovative solutions to the world’s problems or simply acting at the individual level to help humanity. It’s time to focus on them!


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