Here’s another upbeat story from the World Economic Forum about a man who is making a difference. His simple technique in Burkina Faso boosts the planting of trees and contributes to the Great Green Wall. This movement is fighting desertification in the Sahel region and halting the expansion of the Sahara Desert by the planting […]

You can make a difference in a child’s life in rural Burkina Faso. Your 20 Swiss francs (about $21) will buy health insurance for a child for one whole year. Just 30 Swiss francs ($31.50) will buy four study books for the students at Rambo high school. Help Swiss association Kaïcedra provide essential gifts for its […]

Kaïcedra is doing concrete things to support sustainable community initiatives in Burkina Faso. The Good Times reported back in October 2010 on the new primary-school building the Swiss not-for-profit association built in the village of Gorin in northern Burkina Faso. The Members of Kaïcedra have understood that learning requires more than a safe learning environment, books, school supplies […]

Want to be part of the brighter side of mankind? Want to help those who are committed to supporting humanitarian and other selfless endeavors? You can, in one easy step. Financial news may not be of interest to everyone, but Fengarion is making a difference to those who want to support a cause financially. It […]

This story begins in December 2009 under the “village tree” of Gorin, in northern Burkina Faso. The “ancients” and the women welcomed members of Kaicedra to their town and asked their help in providing an adequate learning environment for their children. With their meager means, the community had built a temporary shelter that was bound […]