Following The Good Times’ recent post on the benefits of laughing, did you know that you can get the same benefits and more from meditating? More likely than not, when you hear the word meditation – or in today’s more modern lingo, mindfulness – you picture someone sitting on the ground with their legs crossed, saying […]

Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki gave a 13-minute TED Talk on the “brain-changing benefits of exercise” in March 2018 that millions of people have since seen. What she had to say – the result of her research and personal experience – bears repeating for the good of all. In sum, exercise is the most transformative thing that […]

Ever heard of Henry Beecher? He was an American doctor who discovered the placebo effect as a medic in World War II. When he ran out of morphine to ease the pain of wounded soldiers, he instead administered a mixture of salt and water but told them it was a drug to relieve pain. He reported that […]

What good is a car without pedals or a steering wheel? One such car was built so Rodrigo Hubner Mendes could drive it. How? By using only his mind. That’s because Mendes is paralyzed. He drove the F1 car using brain commands. A helmet captured his brainwaves and translated them to steer the car. He became the first […]

Did you know? Capsule-sized circuits that can be swallowed are being developed to monitor the level of fat in obese people and to make them feel satiated. Also being developed is a chip that, like tattoo ink, can be injected under the skin in a finger, for example, to unlock something just by pointing. Progress […]

Do you know your body is a self-healing organism? Do you know that you can tap into your mind’s power to heal your body? This means you can use your brain to control your body’s self-healing mechanisms. According to Lissa Rankin, a medical doctor, you can help heal yourself, using your mind over medicine. Doctors learn in medical […]

Daniel Goleman, the famous psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence, says we are engaging the wrong part of the brain by focusing on the negative impacts, and that rather than focusing on our negative footprints, we should set our sights on the collective good that we can do. In the area of sustainable development, for […]

The BBC reported some really great news in May. The headline reads: “Paralysed patients use thoughts to control robotic arm.” The article is by Fergus Walsh. The wonderful news is that two people in the USA paralysed from the neck down due to strokes have been able to command a robotic arm by using their […]