“Human Nature” is a company that produces organic cosmetics to help the children and poor in the Philippines.

The purchase of one of this company’s items helps pay public school teachers in the south of the country so children there stay in school instead of becoming child soldiers. The company aims also to help the country’s farmers and 7 million people out of poverty by paying fair prices for the lemongrass, strawberry seeds, bamboo powder and other natural ingredients that go into its products, and by paying its employees double the normal wage.

That’s not the end of the story. Human Nature sells organic cosmetics and personal care products for people who can’t usually afford them, by keeping the prices low. The company is thus a natural alternative to the expensive brands for environmentally sound products. It sells its environmentally, socially and economically produced items in 50 shops and on the internet. 

Here’s what the company says about itself: “Our country is blessed with the best and most passionate Filipino innovators and enterprises, and we stand before a future absolutely brimming with hope for our nation. Together with you, our fellow advocates, we are fueled by passion and purpose to create a global Philippines that uplifts our poor, helps fellow social enterprises scale up, and fosters inclusive growth by doing business while leaving no one behind.”

Shop online and be a part of this sustainable and sustaining enterprise.