East_West_University_LogoEast West University (EWU) in Bangladesh is a success story. Since the educational establishment was founded in 1996 with 6 faculty members and 20 students, it has grown to over 281 faculty and approximately 8,000 students today.

Located in Dhaka, the private university not only aims “to provide quality education at an affordable cost in Bangladesh” according to its website and one of its founders, Dr. Khalil Rahman, but it also strives to be inclusive. As much as 30% of the student body doesn’t pay any tuition. The cost is borne by those students who can afford to pay for education.

EWU_campus1The university promotes eastern culture and values, while advancing eastern and western thought and innovation. As part of its Mission Statement, East West University affirms that: “Central to the university’s mission is its intention to provide students with opportunities, resources and expertise to achieve academic, personal and career goals within a stimulating and supportive environment. EWU is striving not only to maintain high quality in both instruction and research, it is also rendering community service through dissemination of information, organization of training programs and other activities. Sensitive to the needs of its students and staff, EWU is committed to providing a humane, responsive and invigorating atmosphere for productive learning and innovative thinking.”

For more information, go to http://www.ewubd.edu

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