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Dealing with Daily Dump

Landfill IndiaWhat is Daily Dump? In numbers, it’s:

25,895 kg of organic waste saved daily

29,370 happy customers

60+ partners bringing Daily Dump to people in India

Design and innovation in India for India

According to Daily Dump, a company created in India in 2006, “if we all change the way we throw [things away] and if we compost, it makes a HUUUUUGE difference to the city. We can recycle a lot of material, save on fuel costs, reduce pollution and create better livelihoods – all this while creating nutrition for our soil by composting at the source.”

So Daily Dump “encourages urban Indian households to segregate and compost their wet organic waste through sales of aesthetically designed composters and advisory services.”

Urban citizens do something practical to help keep their cities clean, while adopting a sustainable practice. The municipality gains by the reduced need to collect waste, haul it off and landfill it. That in itself brings savings. India’s urban waste recyclers increase their earnings by greater access to large amounts of cleaner materials for recycling. And less messy work is involved in sorting through the waste. India’s potters are happy because they make and sell the terracotta products used to compost at home, such as the one pictured.

Painted Kambha Image Credit: Daily Dump customer, Ipsita.

Painted Kambha. Image Credit: Daily Dump customer, Ipsita,

Daily Dump provides some interesting facts on its website: 1) In India, a typical family of four produces an average of 1 kg (2.2 lb) of kitchen waste per day. Around 50-70% of that is organic, which means it can be composted. 2) Cooked and raw waste can be composted. Dry organic material called “Remix Powder”, provided by the company, must be added to balance out the wetness of decomposition. 3) Depending on how much waste is collected, up to 2-6 kg (4.5-13 lb) of compost can be generated per month.

Daily Dump is changing people’s behaviour all over India by encouraging households to compost and by supporting their efforts. It also provides a range of striking pots and containers to compost the kitchen waste.

According to the company, over 25,000 families and 120 institutions in 2015 used Daily Dump products, collectively keeping 22,000 kg of wet waste out of landfills at no cost to the government.

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