Forward thinking companies have been designing and developing smart textiles and clothing in holistic ways to change the current fashion system, while ensuring ethical and sustainable practices. Considering the fact that the sun makes life and the elements on our planet possible, in the pursuit of green energy generated from natural resources like the sun, […]

Photo: Phoenix Solar AG

Passed is the time when the economists and politicians told us renewable energy was too expensive to pursue. Renewables, such as wind, solar and hydroelectric systems that generate electricity with no associated air pollution emissions, now appear as a cheap, and clean, alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Even Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, is […]

“It’s a new era. It’s not science fiction. It’s today,” Bertrand Piccard told CNN from California after his successful trip from Hawaii in Solar Impulse, the solar plane. “It exists and clean technologies can do the impossible.” Travelling at about the same speed as a car, the Hawaii-California leg in the aircraft took just over 62 […]

Solar Impulse has taken off again. After 10 months on the ground in Hawaii due to battery problems, the solar plane took off on April 21st to resume its long journey over the Pacific Ocean to San Francisco. It has two new batteries and a new cooling system. The flight will take three days and nights. The plane […]

One CNN website editor’s choice is “An eco-friendly family adventure across the world”, the story of Dario Schworer, a 42-year-old climatologist and mountain guide, and his family. Their aim: to promote eco-friendly ways of life. He, his 33-year-old wife Sabine Schworer–Ammaun, and their three children started out seven years ago with the goal of climbing […]