Thursday, April 12, 2018

Pulling Water from Thin Air

Some 844 million people worldwide have no access to clean, safe water – meaning one in every nine people ( figures). Yet about 13,000 cubic kilometers (3,100 cubic miles) of fresh, clean water in the atmosphere are just waiting to be used. That is more than what is in all the rivers and freshwater reservoirs on the planet. 

“WaterSeer takes the moisture laden air and extracts the water for use. WaterSeer is a green, low maintenance, and mobile water solution for any individual or community. It provides an endless supply of pure water for drinking, agriculture and nature,” says the WaterSeer website.

It uses the natural cooling of the ground to bring the ambient air close to the condensation point, then moves this air into an active cooling condensation chamber. The water collected in the WaterSeer is ready for use or transfer to a larger storage reservoir. The water is clean, fresh, cool and free of pollutants, particulates and contaminants. It exceeds the US Environmental Protection Agency standards for water purity and is cleaner than tap water.

And it is already doing good

“Every time a WaterSeer device is purchased, a percentage of the proceeds are donated to [WaterSeer’s] non-profit program to provide clean water to people with NO access to clean water.” For example, “WaterSeer recently had the opportunity to bring two groups together for an amazing cause. Edgemere Elementary 5th graders of Baltimore, Maryland raised enough funds to donate WaterSeers for the Society of Children Orphaned by AIDS (SOCOBA) in Botswana. Their organization aims at providing supplemental education, basic life skills, youth empowerment programs, and health services to vulnerable children and those orphaned or infected by HIV/AIDS.”

Water Seer Inc. has been named a Women Startup Challenge: Emerging Tech finalist. The challenge is co-hosted by Google.

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