It’s old news, and new. We know that the big multinational companies have a lot of clout and can make a difference on a multitude of issues if they want to. Fortune recently published its new Change the World list, which it says is “meant to shine a spotlight on companies that have made significant progress in […]

According to the 1994 Oslo Symposium, which aimed to examine a new approach to consumption, production and consumerism, Sustainable Consumption is defined as: “the use of services and related products which respond to basic needs and bring a better quality of life while minimizing the use of natural resources and toxic materials as well as emissions […]

In a major step forward for its carbon dioxide-cutting program, Unilever has launched a manufacturing process at its Hefei factory in China based on second-generation biofuels. Unlike the first-generation biofuels, the second generation uses non-edible plant residues and therefore does not compete with crops for food supply. First active in China some 80 years ago, […]