Mark Pollock is a motivational speaker, explorer and author. In 2016, The Good Times highlighted his efforts to help find a cure for paralysis. He himself is paralyzed from the waist down as the result of a fall from a second-storey window in 2010 and he’s been blind since 1998 when his retinas became detached.  […]

What good is a car without pedals or a steering wheel? One such car was built so Rodrigo Hubner Mendes could drive it. How? By using only his mind. That’s because Mendes is paralyzed. He drove the F1 car using brain commands. A helmet captured his brainwaves and translated them to steer the car. He became the first […]

Mark Pollock is blind and paralysed and testing robotic legs as part of his mission to find a cure for paralysis. He is using his personal experience of a devastating spinal cord injury to spur change around the world. What is Mark’s story? At the age of 22 he became blind. Yet this did not deter him from competing in endurance […]