Water IS everything and water is IN everything.

Surge UAE is making sure we all keep the importance of water in mind. Ahead of World Water Day 2019 on 22 March, the non-profit organization announced its new name: Water Alliance. Despite the rebranding, the goal remains the same: to raise awareness of the global water crisis.

According to its 20 March press release, The Water Alliance plans to achieve its aims through a number of programs that utilise ‘learning by doing’ and drive empathy for others. These fun programs, with a serious message, are designed to educate and entertain all ages. Programs range from ‘Water: The Global Passport’, a two-hour workshop for children in primary school year 4, to the ‘H2O Games’, which can be run as a 90-minute secondary school workshop for year 7 students or adapted into a half-day team building workshop for adults. The Water Alliance also offers participating school members an after-school program called Blue Squads, which consists of a set of modules filled with 1-hour lessons adaptable for any year. To help fund these initiatives, the Water Alliance will offer a membership program to corporates and schools that wish to give water a collective voice.”

Linda Merieau, Water Alliance Executive Director, commented on the context and objectives of the organization: “The UAE government aims to reduce the demand for water resources by 21% by 2036. This requires strong government policies, excellence in water management by the authorities and good water stewardship from companies and individuals. Water Alliance aims to inspire companies and influence individuals to shift mindsets and adopt responsible water consumption patterns. Our focus is about understanding one’s water footprint and adopting behaviour change.”

Water Alliance’s stated vision is: “a culture that cares about its natural resources, feels responsible and practises sustainable daily habits to preserve the world’s water resources”.

As it so clearly states, “Water is a basic human right and a shared resource that we must collectively protect. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to inspire individuals to live within the means of our planet to ensure there is enough for everyone, forever.”

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