Friday, January 7, 2011

Offering a Jumpstart in Life

The Leapfrog Scholarship was established in 2010 by Maya Grodman and her family, as an extension of the Maya Library project started in 2004. Only 13 years old at the time, Maya wanted to make a difference in the world. So she collected used books she donated monthly to the Charis Center, an orphanage and primary school in Uganda. Her idea was to promote reading for the orphans aged 4 to 14. Since that first book project, the initiative has grown to include the Leapfrog Scholarship, which provides funds for Charis graduates to continue their studies in secondary school. The Charis Center is an orphanage sponsored by Children’s Hunger Relief Fund. The first Leapfrog Scholarship winner is 14-year old Lovisa, pictured here. Lovisa’s father died of AIDS and her mother is suffering from the disease, but Lovisa is AIDS free.

The Leapfrog Scholarship will allow her to attend high school for the 3 years of secondary education in Uganda.

More information on the scholarship is available at the Leapfrog Scholarship website. Or, if you wish to contribute pocket change (every little bit helps) or donate a fixed amount of money each month (even just a few dollars), write to

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