Saturday, July 11, 2015

More Exploits from Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse, the Swiss solar-powered aircraft, has set a new record. Pilot André Borschberg achieved the longest non-stop solo flight of 5 days and nights as part of Solar Impulse’s enterprising journey around the world.

The plane took off from Nagoya, Japan, and landed in Kalaeloa, Hawaii, earlier this month. Without one drop of fuel! The flight took 117 hours and 52 minutes, according to the Solar Impulse website. Next stop: Phoenix, Arizona. Bertrand Piccard will be at the controls, after battery damage due to overheating on Borschberg’s long journey is fixed.

The Solar Impulse project isn’t just an adventure. It’s also an awareness campaign. It aims to “show everybody clean technology can achieve the impossible.” Join this campaign. Join the Solar Impulse effort and “Voice your support for #FutureIsClean to get world leaders to act during the UN’s conference on climate change.”


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