Without a doubt, the social and economic benefits of the internet are immense, providing continuous access to information, generating new ways of learning, promoting new forms of entertainment, facilitating new contacts and offering the convenience of shopping from home, among them. Despite these clear advantages, though, come certain challenges. One major issue is the ability […]

Did you know? Although it may not seem like it from all we hear in the news, taken altogether, humanity has never been better off, based on GDP and other measures of well-being. Here are some facts: 1) The number of people living in absolute poverty has been reduced by 60% since 1980. 2) The world is safer […]

In 2011, the EnACT programme in Algeria put a special emphasis on supporting the inclusion of women and youth in international trade, specifically focusing on raising awareness of Web marketing  and e-commerce solutions as affordable and efficient tools to conduct business through the World Wide Web, their benefits and their techniques. Jointly with the Ministry […]

The GreenTouch association was formed “to find new approaches for energy efficiency and to invent radical new technologies that will be at the heart of sustainable networks in the decades to come.” Concretely, the group “aims to create the technologies needed to make communications networks 1,000 times more energy efficient than they are today.” The […]