Portland, Oregon, on the West Coast of the United States, is powering its electricity grid using … drinking water. Yes, you read that right. The city’s main energy company, Portland General Electric, is partnering with Lucid Energy to generate electricity from the water flowing under its streets and through its pipes. How so? By integrating […]

Did you know it’s possible to grow plants in sand and gravel with nutrients but without soil? It’s called hydroponics, and it is one of the many important projects happening in Azraq refugee camp, located in Jordan on hot desert terrain, where over 53,000 displaced people of the Syrian civil war are sheltered.  With funding from the World Food Programme, the […]

Should Western companies adopt jugaad innovation? Jugaad is a Hindi word that translates to finding a low-cost, creative, quick and alternative way of solving or fixing problems. It promotes constructive and different thinking about innovation and strategy. It’s an Indian way of improvising, sometimes expressed as, “making do with what you have”. In India, the concept of jugaad is […]

East West University (EWU) in Bangladesh is a success story. Since the educational establishment was founded in 1996 with 6 faculty members and 20 students, it has grown to over 281 faculty and approximately 8,000 students today. Located in Dhaka, the private university not only aims “to provide quality education at an affordable cost in Bangladesh” according to […]

Daniel Goleman, the famous psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence, says we are engaging the wrong part of the brain by focusing on the negative impacts, and that rather than focusing on our negative footprints, we should set our sights on the collective good that we can do. In the area of sustainable development, for […]

What is Solar Impulse? It’s already quite well known, but here’s how it’s described on the Solar Impulse website: “The gigantic, but ultra-lightweight dimensions of this revolutionary airplane – capable of flying day and night without fuel – are its trademark feature.” It’s a long-range solar powered plane whose challenge is to fly around the […]