In 2018, Virgin Atlantic announced the first use of food waste as jet fuel, by successfully completing the first transatlantic flight from Florida to London using a mixture of regular jet fuel and fuel made from discarded food. At the time, the mixture was only 5% ethanol food waste to 95% normal jet fuel, but […]

In Japan, the city of Fukuoka is using human sewage to fuel hydrogen-powered cars.  It’s part of the Fukuoka Hydrogen Leader City Project to achieve a hydrogen society. And it’s the first project in the world to produce sewage-powered cars. Fukuoka sends the human sewage produced by its 1.55 million citizens to a sewage treatment plant, where biogas generated from […]

As the world turns its attention towards the climate conference in Cancun, Mexico, it is important to remember that sustainable energy solutions already exist. Here is one example from China. Sustainable development and social responsibility are at the core of the Chinese government’s current 5-year plan, and Holcim expects that they will be even more […]