This video shows a glacier collapsing in Kyrgyzstan.

Less than one week after a ridge of ice on the surface of a glacier collapsed in the Alps on Marmolada mountain in northern Italy, linked to global warming, tourists witnessed a similar phenomenon near Juuku Gorge, Kyrgyzstan on July 8, 2022. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. But it’s just more proof, were it needed, that climate change will soon become unbearable if we do not make it a priority.

The good news is that we can all fight this problem together. Yes, each and every one can do their part. We can all start by joining Time for the Planet. Time for the Planet is a non-profit organization based in Lyon, France that was founded in 2019. According to the company website, its goal is “to launch solutions to drastically reduce our GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions in order to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible.”

Some of the innovations the organization has financed include Beyond The Sea, a venture to “haul merchant ships, thanks to kite surfing technology, using wind as the only source of energy.” This venture will “improve energy efficiency of transportation and logistics worldwide”. 

Another is Leviathan Dynamics, a GreenTech company that has developed technology that uses water as the source of refrigeration. That means the firm is producing cold efficiently and sustainably, by replacing hazardous and polluting refrigerants with water. This enables it to “offer machines that do not use refrigerants that add to global warming, while reducing the energy consumption of the machines by 30%”.

Time for the Planet has identified 20 major issues that need to be solved to reduce GHG emissions. If you would like to contribute to these projects or take other action, or even submit your own venture to reduce CO2 emissions on a global scale and receive financing, join the largest citizen community dedicated to global action against GHGs. You have the power to act.

Featured image: 1978 Superman/DC Sticker card, Mark Anderson (flickr, Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic license)

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