2023 progress

This uplifting end-of-year message from global communications firm Richard Attias & Associates is worth repeating. The short video highlights the year’s notable progress. Which inspiring new advancements will 2024 bring… and how might they redefine the future in ways we can’t yet imagine? — Richard Attias & Associates (@RichardAttiasAs) January 1, 2024 pic.twitter.com/dsaTKRiYGQ January 1, […]

Rita Pierson is an educator in Houston, Texas. She believes strongly in the power she and other teachers have to influence children and young people. Her impact is illustrated in a story she tells about a boy’s reaction after doing poorly on a quiz. The student missed 18 out of 20 questions, but Pierson graded the test a +2 and drew […]

Watch this short video to see Swedish medical doctor and statistician Hans Rosling point out the amazing reality of global development since 1810. The visualization really brings the data to life and shows the great progress made.