KickStart image Have you heard of the social enterprise KickStart? It develops affordable technologies for small African businesses. It states its accomplishments in this way: “Since 1991, 160,000 successful new businesses have been started in Africa using our tools. Today more than 800 new businesses are being created each month. Since each of these enterprises supports […]

By Pankaj Adhikari With the Indian rupee over the past few months continuing its losing streak against the dollar, and foreign investors leaving Indian shores, sentiments about the Indian economy are gloomy and bleak. A world renowned economist, our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has taken over the finance portfolio. There is no reason whatsoever to […]

Environmental protection and sustainable development are high on the agenda and the world is seeing initiatives at all levels by international and national bodies, governments and businesses to address the challenges ahead. For many years, Alstom Power has recognized the importance of the environment in the power generation business and has positioned itself as a […]