The Homeless World Cup uses football to inspire and demonstrate the power of sport in changing people’s lives. Our tournament brings a sense of purpose to those who may feel like they’ve lost theirs. It’s also a football competition of the highest quality with some outstanding talent on display.” So declares Mel Young, Co-founder and Homeless […]

Let’s imagine a world without homelessness.  That’s the goal of the Homeless World Cup Foundation: to end homelessness. The charity uses football (aka soccer) to help reach that objective. It organizes year-round activities that lead up to an annual association football tournament in which teams of homeless men and women from a multitude of countries […]

 It’s called “The Passage” and this Creative for Good campaign is also a winner. The number of homeless persons has increased by 8% in London since the start of the economic crisis, according to the Creative for Good project team. So this campaign was started to raise money for “The Passage”, an important center for the homeless in England’s […]