To start off the year with a bang, here’s a video from a similar-minded organization that celebrates some achievements in 2022. It includes information on the return of certain animal species after successful reintroductions throughout the world; agreement on a universal charging port standard for a whole range of electronic devices, such as mobile phones […]

Here’s a story by Uri Berliner on good news in 2013. It’s called “Tired of Doom and Gloom? Here’s the Best Good News of 2013.” “Being a news consumer means you’re constantly on the receiving end of bad news. War, unemployment, crime, political dysfunction — it can be enough to make you think we humans […]

Researchers are studying social media and the spread of good news and gleaning some very interesting findings. “By scanning people’s brains and tracking their e-mails and online posts, neuroscientists and psychologists have found that good news can spread faster and farther than disasters and sob stories,” says John Tierny in his 18 March 2013 New […]

The Good Times is not in the habit of re-posting other people’s texts, but this message of hopefulness warrants all the attention it can get. It’s a blog post written by John Yemma, Editor of The Christian Science Monitor. Click here for the entire text. This is the last paragraph: “Here are some reasons for hope: […]

The Good Times is excited to find a site that posts links to good news: it’s the Great News Network.  Some of the latest good news stories on that site are: Tokelau islands shift to 100% solar energy New opportunity for rapid treatment of malaria EU on track to exceed Kyoto emissions goal Costa Rica’s […]

The Good Times is back. After a short absence, during which time it seemed there was no good news to report (the Euro crisis, the lack of world leadership, human rights abuses worldwide, crazy weather across the globe, just to mention a few), The Good Times has surfaced much that’s good to profile. So stay […]