Getting kids out of the mines A model of “radical inclusivity” has been put into action to address household poverty and ensure child protection in artisanal mining communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Bon Pasteur (Good Shepherd) Kolwezi, the Good Shepherd Sisters’ operation based there, recruits children from the mine sites to attend […]

Finally, domestic workers are being recognized and given the same rights as other workers. On 5 September the International Labour Organization’s Domestic Workers Convention came into force. According to the ILO, “Currently there are at least 53 million domestic workers worldwide, not including child domestic workers, and this number is increasing steadily in developed and developing countries. The […]

The Womanity Foundation is “accelerating progress for women and their communities”. Currently, the independent philanthropic foundation and Radio NISAA FM, the first all-women commercial radio station in the Palestinian territories, are producing a radio program in Arabic called “Worth 100 Men” on the role of women in society. The story illustrates the trials and tribulations […]

Fair labor. Worldwide. That’s what Verité proposes. Verité ensures better labor conditions for workers everywhere.  According to the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship who cites the United Nations, “more than 450 million people are low-wage agricultural workers, 165 million children work, 12 million people are slaves and 105 million people cross borders each year in search of […]