Sutera, a village in Sicily, has since 2014 increased its mostly elderly population of a few hundred inhabitants with dozens of refugees. The town in the 1970s had over 5,000 people, but most had left to seek better job opportunities in larger cities. By 2012, this out-migration caused homes to be abandoned and shops to […]

“It all started with some pictures of children that drowned on a beach. We thought: if we dedicate ourselves to this and we do it on our beaches, why are they dying there and why is nobody helping them?“ That’s Proactiva Open Arms. It’s a Spanish non-governmental, non-profit organization whose mission is to rescue refugees who arrive in Europe […]

This video has already widely circulated, but it’s worth showing again and watching to the end. It’s a perfect example of humanity.

The volunteer emergency medical technician dropped the book she was reading, slung her jacket on, fastened her helmet and jumped on her ambucycle, weaving through traffic to reach the accident before the ambulance could make it to the scene through the busy Israeli streets. A United Hatzalah medic, she was responding to one of about 550 calls […]