The good news is that you can develop a positive mindset if you don’t already naturally have one. Why is that important? Because optimism can improve your physical health and well-being. Studies show that thinking positive thoughts is associated with better health and a lower chance of disease. And to the contrary, “extensive evidence has demonstrated […]

Rita Pierson is an educator in Houston, Texas. She believes strongly in the power she and other teachers have to influence children and young people. Her impact is illustrated in a story she tells about a boy’s reaction after doing poorly on a quiz. The student missed 18 out of 20 questions, but Pierson graded the test a +2 and drew […]

There are many proponents of the power of positive thinking. One of them, Antonia Hall, who is a writer, artist and communications professional, suggests in an article for Ode magazine that negative thought patterns in our everyday lives can affect us in unproductive and harmful ways. For better self-esteem and health, it’s quite simple to “change one’s thinking from […]