There’s been a flurry of talk lately about the amount of pollution, plastic waste in particular, covering our planet. A new weapon may help rescue us from the mess. A recent discovery could radically change how plastic pollution is dealt with. It involves fungi. A fungus is a living organism separate from animals and plants. It includes […]

Photo: Phoenix Solar AG

Passed is the time when the economists and politicians told us renewable energy was too expensive to pursue. Renewables, such as wind, solar and hydroelectric systems that generate electricity with no associated air pollution emissions, now appear as a cheap, and clean, alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Even Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, is […]

“How would you run a whole country without oil?” That’s what Shai Agassi is asking. Agassi is the founder of Better Place, which has developed a model and infrastructure for using electric cars as an alternative to fossil fuel technology (see The Good Times story of August 2011). His answer is to convert an entire country (in […]

Very much in need today, aerogels that “can absorb oil from spills or stop pollutants for ever reaching the environment” are being created. The aerogel sponge is currently being tested and is expected to be able to clean rocks and birds covered in oil. Read about this amazing material in an article by Eric Bland […]