In the 1950s, when New York City was rapidly expanding, people soon realized that they couldn’t live in just a “concrete jungle”. As a result, Central Park was born. In London, once known for its foggy weather, the city has worked hard to become a “city of gardens”. And in Singapore, the famous City Garden […]

“There is surprising – even shocking – good news: Our ability to convert sunshine into usable energy has become much cheaper far more rapidly than anyone had predicted. The cost of electricity from photovoltaic, or PV, solar cells is now equal to or less than the cost of electricity from other sources powering electric grids […]

Lafarge Shui On Cement is actively reducing the environmental footprint of its cement production and contributing to social development in China. One of the company’s first steps has been to close down 38 high-energy consumption, obsolete vertical kilns and wet kiln production lines. To do so, it invested some US$ 900 million in technology upgrades […]