Exchanging used plastic bottles for bus rides: that is the innovative strategy to encourage waste recycling, benefiting everyone, that the officials have devised in Indonesia’s second-biggest city, Surabaya, located on the country’s main island of Java. The world’s fourth-most-populated country, Indonesia is home to the largest expanse of tropical rainforest in Asia, but also struggles with […]

The sad state of our oceans – vast garbage patches floating in the oceans’ subtropical gyres (places where ocean currents accumulate garbage, especially plastic bottles), oil spills from boats and other sources, and other pollutants – has people and companies coming together to find solutions. Two such solutions, one in the open ocean and one […]

According to the large American company General Electric, ecomagination is the conglomerate’s “commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today’s environmental challenges while driving economic growth.” Here’s one imaginative feat highlighted on the ecomagination forum: Jeremy Rowsell, an Australian pilot and insurance industry executive, is planning to fly from Sydney to London on fuel made […]