Smøla Wind Farm

Countries in the European Union in 2020 produced more energy using renewable sources than using traditional fossil fuels, according to an annual report from Ember and Agora Energiewende. These two organizations started tracking the EU power sector in 2015, finding year-on-year gains from the start: renewables accounted for 38% of electricity delivered in 2020, while […]

Paolo Petrocelli uses music as a form of diplomacy and positive force for change. Paolo is founder and president of the Euro Mediterranean Music Academy for Peace, which promotes music education in Europe and the Middle East, and brotherhood among young multi-ethnic musicians. According to him, artists should think beyond their personal career to a higher […]

Commercial customers all over the world are discovering the new ways to capture and use gas to meet energy needs through onsite power generation, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One prime example is General Electric’s Jenbacher gas engines. In Australia, the Jenbacher gas engine business has contributed to several of the country’s largest coal […]