SDG Good Life Goals 1-3

By Danielle Carpenter – You’ve likely heard about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – those 17 objectives that the United Nations devised to make the world a much better place by 2030. And you likely know that many organizations are working hard to achieve this bracing, global vision. What can you do? But if you, […]

By Danielle Carpenter – According to UNICEF, “Nearly half of all deaths in children under 5 are attributable to undernutrition, translating into the loss of about 3 million young lives a year. Undernutrition puts children at greater risk of dying from common infections, increases the frequency and severity of such infections, and delays recovery.” Malnutrition can be […]

There’s been a flurry of talk lately about the amount of pollution, plastic waste in particular, covering our planet. A new weapon may help rescue us from the mess. A recent discovery could radically change how plastic pollution is dealt with. It involves fungi. A fungus is a living organism separate from animals and plants. It includes […]

Companies are using drones to fight deforestation. One of them, BioCarbon Engineering, based in Oxford, England, aims to plant as many as 1 billion trees per year. It uses drones flying 300 feet over land to map an area’s level of deforestation, topography and soil quality, and report its potential for reforestation. With that information, automated planting drones carrying […]

Formula E? Is that some kind of milk with vitamin E? Or an energy bar? No, the E stands for Electric. And the Formula is racing, just as in Formula One racing. In its second season, a new car racing series is turning heads. So far, the 10-race series has taken place in such cities as Beijing, Berlin, Buenos […]

The United Nations climate negotiations in Lima, Peru, ran over by two days this week due to the refusal of developing countries to accept the position of developed countries on what their contribution should be to cutting emissions and who is going to pay. But in the end, a deal, albeit one that appears weak, […]

The Anouk Foundation adds light and spirit via music and art to health institutions across Europe. It is celebrating a prestigious humanitarian honour that it hopes will help to expand its life-enhancing work. The Foundation, which creates soothing environments for children and adults in hospitals, special needs centres and nursing homes, has received the prestigious 2012 Clarins Prize […]

Extraordinary Projects, Exceptional People, that’s how Rolex describes its Rolex Award laureates. Since back in 1976, the Rolex Awards for Enterprise have supported individuals whose dreams, spirit of enterprise and creativity have advanced human knowledge and well-being. Take Barbara Block, for instance. She is a 2012 laureate from the US. Her aim is to, “move the […]

Daniel Goleman, the famous psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence, says we are engaging the wrong part of the brain by focusing on the negative impacts, and that rather than focusing on our negative footprints, we should set our sights on the collective good that we can do. In the area of sustainable development, for […]

Karuturi Global is a genuine change agent, committed to sustainability.  Its stated mission is: “To emerge as an integrated agri-products company servicing the world market through unmatched product, cost and quality advantages.” Today Karuturi Global is a large producer of cut roses, with an 8% share of the floriculture market. The company has businesses in Ethiopia, Kenya and India, producing around […]