A life after hate is possible. People do exist who used to hate but now promote tolerance, diversity and mutual understanding. They include a skinhead and convicted felon; a former organizer for the White Aryan Resistance and manager of a racist rock band; and a skinhead leader, Neo-Nazi recruiter and convicted kidnapper. These three former members […]

Drag queens are not new but, in that role, Conchita Wurst (or is it Tom Neuwirth?) has forced us to rethink gender stereotypes. He’s a bearded woman. Conchita is not the first person to win the Eurovision Song Contest whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional notions of male or female gender. But she has […]

Chef Marcus Samuelsson, owner in Harlem, New York of a restaurant called the Red Rooster, has lots to say about the impact of food on popular culture and values. Born in Ethiopia but raised in Sweden, Samuelsson’s background is as diverse as his cuisine. He promotes “eating with a spiritual compass, with spirituality in mind”. […]