All previously chronically homeless on the streets with no money in their pockets, 200 people are living in a 27-acre community just outside Austin, Texas, and are paying rent of between $225 to $430 per month. Many of the residents who live in very small homes and recreational vehicles at Community First! Village are employed […]

SDG Good Life Goals 1-3

By Danielle Carpenter – You’ve likely heard about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – those 17 objectives that the United Nations devised to make the world a much better place by 2030. And you likely know that many organizations are working hard to achieve this bracing, global vision. What can you do? But if you, […]

Today is World Cleanup Day. Volunteers in 150 countries will pick up trash from beaches, rivers, forests and streets.  Millions of people will “achieve incredible things by joining together”, starting in New Zealand and ending 36 hours later in Hawaii. According to the World Cleanup Day website, the event’s “beauty lies in cooperation and collaboration: […]

What’s the best way to improve literacy? Access to books! And that is what First Book does. First Book is a social enterprise that provides books to low-income school systems. Since it was founded in 1992, the non-profit organization has distributed more than 120 million free and low-cost books in thousands of communities in the United States and […]

Many, many people have heard about Habitat for Humanity. But what they do is worth repeating. In its own words, “Habitat for Humanity International builds, rehabilitates and repairs simple, decent houses with the help of homeowner families, volunteer labor, and donations of money and materials.” It is an international, non-governmental, and non-profit organization. Habitat uses volunteer […]

 It’s called “The Passage” and this Creative for Good campaign is also a winner. The number of homeless persons has increased by 8% in London since the start of the economic crisis, according to the Creative for Good project team. So this campaign was started to raise money for “The Passage”, an important center for the homeless in England’s […]

Want to give a bit of joy? It might only cost you 60 cents. And that joy will bring a brand new smile. Check out Operation Smile. What do they do? In their words: “Operation Smile provides free surgeries to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities for children around the globe.” More […]

Here’s a practical way to help end global poverty: join the efforts of the Global Poverty Project. No joke! Its vision is: “a world without extreme poverty within a generation. Our mission is to increase the number and effectiveness of people taking action to end extreme poverty. The Global Poverty Project is an educational and […]

The volunteer emergency medical technician dropped the book she was reading, slung her jacket on, fastened her helmet and jumped on her ambucycle, weaving through traffic to reach the accident before the ambulance could make it to the scene through the busy Israeli streets. A United Hatzalah medic, she was responding to one of about 550 calls […]

Globalteer is an “organisation independent of government, politics and religion with the objective to help projects and communities around the world.” It is a non-profit charity that aims to help those in need. According to Globalteer’s website, the organization’s mission includes:  • Support – To provide support to communities and projects in need.• Awareness – To […]