Bhutan – the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” (or Druk Yul in Bhutanese) – is a small landlocked country in Eastern Asia, on the edge of the Himalayas. The kingdom’s government, presiding over about 770,000 people, has but one aim – ensuring that its citizens are happy and well. To do so, it has created […]

How can you help fight for sustainable agriculture, forestry and tourism, and contribute to mitigating climate change, protecting wildlife habitats and combating child labor on farms? By looking for the green frog seal on the products you buy. It’s Rainforest Alliance’s green frog. That green frog symbol allows consumers to identify a legitimately sustainable product or service and […]

The World Cup has everyone in South Africa excited, the New York Times reports, even people with little to be excited about: The World Cup begins here on Friday with excitement at so elevated a level that even many of the unhappy are happy. Tshepo Makwala, a laborer, has no job, no prospects, and, worst […]