A new tool has appeared in the last few years: NFTs. Non-fungible tokens are progressively being used effectively as utility tokens because more and more companies of all sizes are adopting them for various purposes. The fact that NFTs can represent digital files has opened a plethora of possibilities in terms of brand storytelling, for […]

A company in Fribourg, Switzerland has created a robot that moves around autonomously, even going up and down stairs. Originally designed to conduct security checks in enterprises at night and to patrol industrial sites, ROVéo the robot has been equipped with an additional module that allows it to eliminate viruses and microorganisms on door handles […]

2nd Chance does reconstructive surgery in emerging countries. Their catchy motto is: “Reconstruction Surgery for Life Reconstruction”. It’s a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. Meanwhile, over in the USA, a guy named Gregory Grobon is biking across the country. He is doing that to support 2nd Chance. He’s riding from Los Angeles to New York, travelling 5,770 km (over […]

Werner and Gabrielle Merzbacher’s art collection is full of bright, primary colors. Boats are orange and pink, trees are purple and people are blue. It’s a medley of paintings from the Fauve and German Expressionist art movements. Major painters make up the collection: Maurice de Vlaminck, Othon Friesz, Georges Braque, André Derain, Wassily Kandinsky, Sonia Delaunay, Henri […]

At the beginning of May, Swiss athlete Ernst Bromeis attempted to become the first person to swim the 1,230-kilometers of the Rhine river, from its source in Tomasee, Switzerland, through 6 countries, to its mouth in Holland. The idea to swim an average of 50 kms per day for one month through strong currents, rapids and swirls, in ice-cold […]