With World AIDS Day quickly approaching, mothers2mothers created a new HIV/AIDS donation guide that offers tips on donating credit card rewards to a number of HIV organizations directly. mothers2mothers is an international non-profit organization dedicated to preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV by providing education and support for pregnant women and new mothers living with HIV. The “Guide […]

Did you know? 1 baby is born with HIV every day in the US and Europe. 1,000 babies are born with HIV every day in Africa. Yet mother-to-child transmission of HIV is preventable. The organization mothers2mothers (m2m) is doing just that, preventing mother-to-child transmission of the virus. m2m’s vision “is a world in which babies […]

The Leapfrog Scholarship was established in 2010 by Maya Grodman and her family, as an extension of the Maya Library project started in 2004. Only 13 years old at the time, Maya wanted to make a difference in the world. So she collected used books she donated monthly to the Charis Center, an orphanage and […]