planting-treesTreeSisters is a non-profit charity that cares about tropical reforestation. Its mission is to “help reforest the Tropics and increase Earth’s green cover through the combined leadership of women around the world who seek to bring ecological balance back to the planet.”

Its objectives are: “(1) Increasing Green Cover – to promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment by promoting biological diversity through increased green cover; (2) Education and Women’s Leadership – to advance the education of the public, in particular but not exclusively by providing training and support to encourage leadership and participation in the work of the charity and environmental protection in general, with a particular focus on women.”

Practically speaking, TreeSisters wants to “help reforest the Tropics by inspiring and channelling women’s nature-based feminine leadership into local and global action.”

Be inspired by the following message that explains the TreeSisters Million Trees campaign.

Become a TreeSister. Join here.

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